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We are an organisation based in The Netherlands. We believe it's time that you should benefit from the value of your data. We will connect you to buyers for your data in return for a modest brokerage fee.


We offer to keep your data safe and secure either using our cloud solution or by providing a personal encrypted database that you can store wherever you like (on your home pc or usb drive or even using other cloud storage providers).


We will offer tools to manage your personal data, so you can keep track with whom you are currently sharing. You can always stop sharing if you are no longer satisfied with the negotiated conditions. It is your data and you are completely in control.


We will show you what your data is worth. Based on the current market value, you can decide if you are willing to share now or if you prefer to wait for a better offer. We will help to negotiate the best conditions and you will never have to accept a contract that you are not 100% comfortable with.


We will make sure you receive the negotiated benefits for sharing your data based on the current market value. Depending on who you are dealing with, benefits can vary from special privileges or gifts to “cold hard cash”.

Our Mission

We will put you back in charge of your data and enable you to share some data in return for a fair benefit to you.

DATAREPUBLIC – Systems Development The Netherlands
  • You decide who can access your data
    and for how long.

  • We will be very clear in showing what is being paid for your data and how much is charged by us.

  • All data will be encrypted so absolutely no one can access your data without your consent (not even us) .

  • You can decide if you wish to share your data anonymous or in person.

  • Expected revenue to you will range from a few euros to tens of euros per month depending on what you share.

Proliferation of personal data on the internet may be unstoppable, but you decide who will be in charge. Join DATAREPUBLIC.

DATAREPUBLIC – Systems Development The Netherlands
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Your Data Types

Your data is valuable to others. And you have lots of it.
These are some examples of data you can decide to share using DATAREPUBLIC:


Your bank and credit card transactions.


What do you think about specific topics.

GPS location

Where are you going and where have you been.

Sports activities

Share your rides, runs , skates, swims etc.

General health

Share your coughs, colds, aches and other minor inconveniences.


Rate your visits to movies, performances, travel locations etc.


What do you buy and where do you buy it.

Physical data

Share heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and overall fitness.

Medicine use

If you take any medication, share the effect you perceive and help others.

Your data is valuable to others. This is a fact long recognized since marketing agencies were going door to door with paper questionnaires.

With internet technology the amount of data has exploded which has led to the rise of giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

DATAREPUBLIC – Systems Development The Netherlands

Some Facts

We’re not saying that you should share personal stuff on the web. But if you decide to do so, you should be aware who benefits from your data. And most of all, we think you shouldn't be giving away your data for free, like most of us are doing right now.


of the population in the EU uses the internet daily


of them uploaded some form of personal data


 was received in return



source eurostat

Our Planning

We are currently developing our systems and gathering support from people willing to share personal data on their terms. Once a critical threshold is reached we will finalise the systems, sign-up buyers and we're ready to go. Our currently expected launch date is around the end of summer, but the sooner you join us, the sooner we can start.

Gather Support

Gather support from people willing to share some of their data, if the price is right.

Sign-up Buyers

Sign-up buyers for personal data e.g. marketing, finance, research, travel, insurance etc. etc.

Start Sharing

Start sharing data, but this time you determine the conditions.


Support Required


People Expressed Support


Buyers Contacted


Transactions Completed

About Cost

We will charge a brokerage fee whenever you trade some of your data. In return we will maintain our systems and actively seek the best buyers for your data.

Our Location

We are conveniently located in The Netherlands, central to Europe and with a global reach. Our systems are stable, safe and directly connected to the fastest internet exchange in Europe (the AMS-IX).


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Please leave a message, we need your support.

Stop giving away your data for FREE. Your DATA deserves DATAREPUBLIC

If you want to share in the benefits of your data, or if you represent an organization looking for people willing to trade data for a fair return, we need your support. Please send us a short message and you will be among the first to benefit.

We will treat all messages as highly confidential. We will never share your name or contact details with anybody else. We will use your mail address to keep you informed about our progress until you tell us to stop.

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